The energy transition is a key tool in dealing with climate change, but it must be inclusive. Urgent action is necessary to diversify energy sources, but also to develop markets, so they can follow the changes by creating an enabling and encouraging environment, this was said at the opening of the MEF Energy Forum 2023, held Tuesday in Skopje.

“Rapid climate change and degradation of the environment are leading to an urgent transformation from fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy with low emissions of greenhouse gases, which we should see as an imperative in the creation and implementation of our projects. We are moving rapidly towards renewable sources of energy, but the planning and preparation for the next stages is what will guarantee sustainability and stability,” said the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of economic affairs, Fatmir Bytyqi.

According to Bytyqi, the economy faces a future in which the source of vital energy from fossil fuels is moving towards wind, sun, and water. He assessed that the development of markets, in order to make them capable of following changes, is only possible through the creation of an enabling and encouraging environment.