DUI party official Izet Mexhiti, who leads a faction that pushes for the ouster of First Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi sees Grubi’s desperation behind a new PR initiative launched by the party.

DUI has a cryptic campaign titled “He is coming” – alluding either to the fact that the party is on the verge of appointing a temporary Prime Minister who will be ethnic Albanian, or that party leader Ali Ahmeti plans to hold a large rally in Skopje’s Cair district, to show that he and Grubi have more support that Mexhiti’s faction in this key area.

According to Mexhiti, this is all a sign of desperation, after DUI lost two votes in Parliament to his faction and after he held a large rally in Cair with thousands of supporters. Mexhiti is now launching an online petition where party activists can vote on removing Grubi from the top position in the Government.