The Republic of Macedonia is a sovereign state that makes decisions independently, guided by the principles of respect for international law, the UN Charter, the OSCE principles and commitments in the protection of the European security architecture and global stability, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defense said in a joint statement in response to the statement of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, Maria Zakharova.

From the very beginning, Macedonia condemned the military intervention in Ukraine and stood in support of the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine, and above all in support of peace, human rights and the international order based on rules. Namely, so far, the Government of the Republic of Macedonia has passed several Decisions on military-technical assistance with which we help Ukraine in defending its territorial integrity, which is threatened by the military intervention, reads the statement.

As a member of the most powerful military-political alliance – the NATO Alliance, it is added, Macedonia firmly stands behind the position and determination of the Alliance to be a guarantor of the peace and security of its member countries and to protect the values, freedom and security of current and future generations.