Slowly but surely, the truth is surfacing! Although they were declaratively and constantly convinced that the Macedonian language is “protected”, we finally see that this is not true, warns MP Nikola Micevski, adding that apparently, only the Government of the Republic of Macedonia does not see or does not want to see the Bulgarian negation and assimilationist policy towards Macedonia, the Macedonian people, and the Macedonian language.

The last proof of that, he points out, is the typical attitude of the Bulgarian MEPs. Regardless of which political option they come from, they demand DELETING THE MACEDONIAN LANGUAGE.

These are no longer just wishes expressed in vain, this is already Bulgaria’s official policy towards Macedonia, which was confirmed again yesterday through amendments of the Joint Parliamentary Committee in Strasbourg, submitted by the Bulgarian MEPs, where they requested the deletion of the Macedonian language. Sergey Stanishev, president of the Group of Social Democrats in the European Parliament and former prime minister of Bulgaria, as well as Aleksandar Jordanov, from the Union of Democratic Forces and former ambassador to Macedonia, are counted as one of the submitters of these amendments. So, regardless of which political option the Bulgarian representatives and state leaders belong to, the Bulgarian policy and diplomacy towards the Macedonian issue do not change. Unfortunately, this is not the case in our country either, Nikola Micevski said.

That is why he says, I say once again clearly and loudly that the solution is not in what is offered to us and is persistently served to us as an option that we should and must accept.