The municipality of Petrovec will get a new municipal building after 75 years. A delegation of VMRO-DPMNE led by the president Hristijan Mickoski attended Saturday the cornerstone laying ceremony.

Nothing has been done for more than 70 years, but that’s why now something is finally being done that will beautify the municipality within 6 months and will have decent working conditions for the municipal administration. I also hope that there will be many more new projects in the municipality itself, but also many new domestic and foreign investors who have gladly moved their business here in the past period or established it here in the municipality of Petrovec, Mickoski said.

He reminded that the municipalities are left without the support of the Budget, and although it is obvious that the government obstructs the mayors of VMRO-DPMNE, they manage to implement the promised projects within the deadline.

Hence, the satisfaction is even greater that without support from the Budget, with its own funds, the Municipality itself manages to find a way to realize such a large strategic investment, he added.