The leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski at Saturday’s press conference in front of the party headquarters said that in addition to the current 30 percent, as of July 1, citizens will pay for more than 10 percent more expensive electricity. He stated that the reason for that is that the excavators of REK Bitola do not dig coal due to floods, the cost of street lighting and lower electricity production.

The main and essential thing why I mention street lighting is the data delivered yesterday that the municipalities spent 30 million denars through street lighting, said Mickoski, adding that it is 1.32 percent of the total electricity consumed in 2021.

According to him, it is mathematically impossible for electricity to increase by 10 percent if only the share of public lighting is ten times lower.

Where is the money now? From the same report of the Regulatory Commission for 2021 you can see that in 2021 3.17 terawatt hours of electricity were produced by ELEM, and only two years earlier in 2019 4.25 terawatt hours of electricity. Which mean that ELEM instead of producing, ie those who lead it as a priority, agreed in private, Mickoski stressed.

The difference in money in the production of electricity, according to him, is 250 million euros. VMRO-DPMNE’s solution to the problem of increasing electricity bills is for the country to return to electricity production in 2019.

Let’s go back at least from the production in 2019 and we will do it in six months. What is happening today is minus 250 million euros, said Mickoski.

He again called on the citizens to join their protest on June 18.

We expect social and political support. All those citizens, political and social entities are called to come out and join us, Mickoski stressed.

He stressed once again that there should be early elections, citing the results of field polls, which, according to him, show that people want early elections.