VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski said that he discussed the stalled EU integration of Macedonia during his meeting with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in Budapest. Mickoski made the trip along with VMRO Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski, and also met Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto.

We discussed the blocked path of Macedonia toward the European Union and our hosts shared their own experience from when Hungary was becoming an EU member state. The hosts again reiterated their full support for Macedonia, the Macedonian people, the citizens of Macedonia and of our EU integration so that one day Macedonia is made an EU member state, Mickoski said. Macedonia continues blocked in its integration, currently by Bulgaria. A Hungarian candidate, Oliver Varhelyi, is EU’s Enlargement Commissioner.

Mickoski and Orban also discussed developments in the European People’s Party, where both VMRO and Orban’s Fidesz are members. “We welcomed the election of a new leader of our sister CDU party in Germany and we expect fruitful cooperation between the three parties”, Mickoski added.