VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski issued a video statement saying that the European perspective of Macedonia is endangered by Zoran Zaev and the incompetence and greed of his Government. Mickoski blasted Zaev for his strategy for coping with the ever clearer loss of the prospects to open accession talks – which was to threaten the EU that he will resign and to fear-monger about the possible return of VMRO to power.

It is clear that Zoran Zaev strategy was to grab power at any cost, without thinking for the benefit of all, but simply to plunder and enrich the few people around him. We are witnessing how the last hope which his Government is resting on is slowly disappearing. Our European perspective is endangered by the nepotism of Zoran Zaev and his Government, their incompetence and egoistic push to use their power for personal benefit. After even he himself realized that the name change will not be enough to preserve him in power he is now trying to distract the public with new scandals and manipulations. But the citizens realize that with its actions, this Government is pushing us further and further away from the European Union, Mickoski said in his video address.

According to Mickoski, the same tactics of political persecution and violence which Zaev is using against the opposition, he is now trying to deploy against the European countries.

In a modified form, Zaaev is threatening and blackmailing our partner countries in the European Union. He is scaring them with elections which would bring a radical right to power if he is not given a date to open accession talks. This puny Balkan despot is now trying to scare Europe without any facts on his side. The European Union represents a set of standards which must be met and that is the only way to join the EU. Zaev’s statement also acknowledges that VMRO-DPMNE and the right wing bloc will win the coming elections. Except that we are not a radical element, but will be the pillars of change and renewal in this country. VMRO-DPMNE will act responsibly and will fight to win a date to open accession talks despite all the scandals, frauds and mistakes of this Government, Mickoski added.