During his remarks at the 30th conference of the VMRO-DPMNE youth organization, party leader Hristijan Mickoski called on the other opposition parties to unite around defeating the Zaev regime.

We have our differences, but our goal is the same – to defeat Zaev and to drag Macedonia out of the disastrous situation it is in. I’ve had numerous meetings with other opposition leaders and I extend a hand of cooperation to all opposition parties eager to defeat the Zaev mafia. There are no more excuses. Those who remain out, they are clearly planted by Zaev to weaken the opposition, Mickoski said.

Macedonia is heading towards municipal elections in October and their outcome will determine whether Zaev will try to hang on to his narrow majority in Parliament, or if a large opposition victory will spark early elections. VMRO leads a number of smaller parties in a coalition, while the far left populist Levica party, which supported Zaev’s Colored Revolution but broke ranks with him, is trying to position itself against both VMRO and SDSM.