VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristiajn Mickoski called on DUI and the other ethnic Albanian parties to support the resolution meant to respond to the Bulgarian nationalist demands by preparing unified Macedonian positions. The parties representing ethnic Macedonians in the Parliament, even SDSM, agreed to the resolution proposed by VMRO, but DUI rejected it and the other Albanian parties are also negatively disposed toward it.

I expect that DUI overcomes its militant behavior and for once stand behind the interests of their fellow citizens, the Macedonians, who are the majority ethnic community. Instead of focusing on our private interests or the interests of neighboring states, we should look toward the interests of our fellow citizens and neighbors, in this case the Macedonians, Mickoski said in an interview with Vecer.

In the interview, which is due to be published tomorrow, Mickoski also discussed his push in Brussels, where he met with aligned political leaders to demand the speedy opening of Macedonia’s EU accession talks.