The leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, reacted Tuesday that the beginning of the census of the diaspora again in action showed that the government is incapable of conducting a complex and important operation such as the census.

The current government is not capable of replacing a burned out street light bulb, let alone organizing a complex statistical operation. On the first day of the diaspora registration, the application was breached, first the system crashed, similar to the school online system, and then anyone with fake and fabricated data could register. It turned out that every citizen living in Macedonia can be registered as from the diaspora, which proves that the Government and Zaev, as for everything else, are not capable of conducting any process. I would not be surprised if in the end tens of millions of our people from the diaspora are registered. Slowly but surely, we have another circus in front of our eyes, said Mickoski.