VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski accused the Government of promoting a suspicious deal with a company that was seemingly tailor made to win the new medevac contract.

During his visit to Vevcani, Mickoski said that the deal that is being pushed is way above the market prices.

We have a rotten system. We have crooks in the Government. Just look at today’s scandal – they set up a helicopter service company and just 24 days after it was founded it wins a contract pocket 10.000 EUR for each 5 minutes of flight. A jet can be rented for 3.000 EUR per hour. This is done to line the pockets of those in the Government. Half a millions EUR will go down the drain, Mickoski said.

The opposition leader promised that once in office he will put an end to the rampant corruption of the Zaev regime.

Everybody, from the cleaning lady up to the minister is stealing or asking for his cut and they do that because they see what the top man is doing and follow his lead. The root of the crime is in the top man, and he is up to his neck in corruption. He puts his marijuana business ahead of our European perspective. We will defeat him and then we will begin the renewal of Macedonia, Mickoski said.