The Special Public Prosecutor’s Office is a done deal and the first step that should be done should be detention for Katica Janeva, VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski said at Tuesday’s press conference.

According to him, it was shown that the SPO was corrupt and compromised, and he backed the request for Janeva’s detention with the risk of escape and influence on witnesses.

What happened yesterday with the arrests and Janeva’s resignation, according to him, is a consequence of the government, which is corrupted “up to their necks”. He called the government a criminal octopus who rules the state and trades with justice.

Mickoski asked for immediate resignations and early parliamentary elections.

Zaev calls for a leaders’ meeting on Friday. I do not see the need for my presence at a meeting to discuss everything and it will be an alibi rather than a date for early parliamentary elections, said Mickoski.