Hristijan Mickoski, the leader of the main opposition party in Macedonia, VMRO DPMNE, paid Thursday a visit to Kicevo for a meeting with the citizens.

Today I visited Kicevo. Dissatisfaction with this incompetent government that leaves behind ashes and failures grows daily. Even the announced purge cannot save this government. That operation is about dealing with the ineligible in their ranks, and throwing dust in the eyes of the people to conceal the real failures and crime of this government, Mickoski said in Kicevo.

The bearer of these deceits is one man and his name is Zaev Zoran. Today’s downturn, destruction of the economy, healthcare, agriculture, education is his work. And the purge makes sense only if it starts from the man that brought all this, and he is today at the helm of the most incompetent government in the history of Macedonia. The announcement of the resignation of the MP today is just fog in the public to avoid his criminal responsibility which is obvious. The alleged purge, unfortunately, starts from those presidents of municipal organizations, from whom we have not heard how to plant marijuana fields and doing business out of it, sharing plots for construction of buildings at lucrative prices, destroying healthcare, and doing criminal innovations. All this comes from Zaev who needs to leave first, he said.