Today we saw them with all their powerlessness offering to share the government provided that I am not part of it, because there was no agreement with me, the leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski said in relation to today’s offer of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev for a broad government.

Mickoski, who is hospitalized at the Infectious Diseases Clinic and is in a serious condition due to Covid-19, told the government that the Macedonian Spring is coming, and that he will fight the disease to defeat Zoran Zaev and his lackeys.

I am fighting the disease, I have difficulty breathing, and I have severe headache because of the fever, but I have the energy, motivation and will to fight you. I am writing this from the room at the Infectious Disease Clinic with all the revolt inside me for what you did to Macedonia. There is a way to save yourself from me, me not waking up tomorrow or the day after, and then it may be easier for you to find a suitable interlocutor. But, you won’t be seeing that movie and I promise you that I will fight the disease, I will get out of the clinic, and then a lot of work awaits us…, wrote Mickoski, adding that if the government thinks there is a slightest chance of a pact with crime and criminals, it will not happen. 

He reminds that after criminal and stolen elections, abuse of state of emergency, mass bribery, pressure, threats, blackmail, they changed the election code five minutes before the start of the campaign, in times of pandemic, quarantine, packages, they indebted the state for more than one billion euros, were stealing and are stealing still and what not…