Opposition leader Hristijan Mickoski painted a dire picture of Macedonia during the VMRO day conference in Prilep. Mickoski outlined the violations of democratic norms carried out by the Zaev regime, on top of its habitual crime and violation of Macedonian national interests.

Zaev is going down because he divided our people and brought hatred into the country. Instead of focusing on reforms over the past three years, he focused on persecuting the opposition, our patriots, the journalists and the businessmen who face extortion. Under this Government journalists are prosecuted for reporting on the crimes of people linked with the Government. Zaev proposes a prosecutor he knows is corrupt to be the chief public prosceutor. Zaev is trading away Macedonian national interests, and gained nothing in return. Zaev changed the name without listening to the objections from the people. The crime wave is coming from the top of the Government. The Special Prosecutor leads a racketeering ring, the Swarowski clad judges are now replaced with those carrying Louis Vuitton bags full with cash, to line the pockets of politicians. Not a single criminal was put behind bars over the past three years, but many were released, especially if they were needed to do some favors for the Government. It’s a painful fact that the Prime Minister is in league with organized crime, Mickoski said.

He warned the public not to fall again for the promises made by Zoran Zaev and his SDSM party, of rising wages, clean air and the return of the young people who fled to live and work abroad.

Don’t trust their claims that SDSM is leading the polls. Just ask yourselves, what is the first word that comes to your mind when you hear the name Zaev? Is it not fraud? Failed promises, his oaths to protect the name, his prank calls with “Poroshenko”, his gaffes on basic issues. It would be funny if it weren’t tragic, that this kind of person weren’t deciding about the fate of our people. Don’t believe his claims about winning in the polls, they themselves know they will lose worse than his deputy Sekerinska did in 2008, Mickoski added.