VMRO-DMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski believes that failure to get a date is not because of the people but because of Zaev’s policies. According to him, people get the feeling that Zaev’s policies have plunged us into an infinite circle of many sacrifices, many concessions, self-denials so that all this ends in failure.

Macedonia has friends in Europe, and the European Union continues to be our strategic goal, and we must be self-critical and recognize that there is no date to start negotiations because there are no reforms. Because the people live with difficulties and there is no other country where crime reigns with the system. We have a system in decay and government that does not serve justice but protects injustice. I understand the disappointment that many citizens of our country feel, and this is not a consequence of just one wrong decision by Zoran Zaev and this government, but the permanently wrong decisions we were referring to and appealed not to make but they continued to steer toward the wall that faces us. That wall is not made of bricks made by Europe for us, but a wall made by the wrong decisions and policies of this Government led by Zoran Zaev. We must not feed this disappointment with other harmful decisions, Mickoski said on Friday.