In an interview with TV Klan, VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski said that the government only boasts that Macedonia is a member of NATO, although every day the country sinks into corruption and has a hybrid regime.

The fact that Macedonia is a member of NATO does not mean that we have a functioning system. It has been declared a country with a hybrid regime, Mickoski stressed.

Mickoski added that if a country has a hybrid regime, and at the same time is a member of NATO, it does not mean that it has an extremely functional judicial system.

Our country became a member of NATO after making a huge, national sacrifice which no other country in the world has done. We were against, but there were politicians who thought they should do it, and they are not against making such a sacrifice, Mickoski recalled.

Mickoski stressed that this is the reality, and that because of the current government in Macedonia there is a hybrid regime, and that it is among the top countries where corruption reigns.