SDSM could bring justice, and instead it brought only Louis Vuitton bags, and “wham-bam” court decisions. They could bring peace, and instead they brought unrest in the souls of the parents who lost their children in the Smilkovsko [case], and today, the perpetrators are walking freely, the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski said in Kocani on Saturday.

In his speech, he referred to other cases, such as “Divo Naselje”, the tragic death of the journalist Nikola Mladenov.

Unrest, in the children of those heroes who gave their lives defending the state in the “Divo Naselje” event. Unrest in the souls of Neskoski’s parents, of Martin Janusev, of Koljo. How is the case of journalist Mladenov going? Where is their peace? Their peace turned into unrest. And the unrest turned into revolt, and the revolt into defiance, determination and courage. And with that courage, you will see all this revolt and defiance and you will face on July 15 when we count the ballots. You will feel the will and the rest of the people for all the lies you have told, said Mickoski.

Mickoski accused the judiciary of being partisan and said that “government officials are amnestied from responsibility while patriots are in prison”.