The government is scared, knows it will lose the April 12, 2020 elections. Thus in a smuggling way, at the small door, is trying to push through some delays in the elections with the excuse of future, possible non-ratification within the Spanish Parliament. And on behalf of that, I would propose to the Members of Parliament next week to submit to the Parliament an initiative to ratify the Protocol with delayed action,  on the principle that it was done by another member of the NATO Alliance, and it is Montenegro that ratified the Protocol before it was ratified by the United States, VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski said at Sunday’s press conference, answering the question of whether VMRO-DPMNE would accept a delay in parliamentary elections and whether voting on NATO protocol in Spain could mean delaying the elections.

Let’s see whether the SDSM parliamentary group, whether Zoran Zaev is afraid of the disaster that will happen to them on April 12 and are aware that they have done nothing in these three years. Or do they really want Macedonia to become a member of the NATO alliance and one day be part of the EU. Next week VMRO-DPMNE’s parliamentary group will submit an initiative to Parliament for early ratification of the protocol and by doing so we will have a delayed action that will be fully effective once all the other 29 members have completed that procedure on the basis of what Montenegro has done in the past. That is, it ratified the protocol before the US Congress and the Senate formally completed the procedure, Mickoski said.