As long as the memory of Ilinden lasts, so will Macedonia, because Ilinden is our epic battle, our Macedonian faith, our bible, and our cross that we accept and carry with exceptional piety. The two Ilindens were not created for us to fail, but for the idea that brought freedom to live, and freedom today is paid for with blood, sweat, tears and many lives. That’s what the two Ilindens brought to us is so expensive and our obligation to succeed is so great, said Mickoski in his address in Tasmarunsta, where he traditionally celebrates Ilinden.

He noted that these are the most difficult years since independence.

I know that these are the most difficult years since independence until today, but remember how difficult it was for the great Ilinden people to rise up against the biggest empire, and for the people of Asnom to fight against the biggest military force until then. Naked handed, against the biggest, but with a burning heart, with a huge courage, said Mickoski.

He added that Ilinden belongs to everyone and that is why Macedonia must be a country for everyone.

And that is why we must succeed as a country and we must not be satisfied with average things, and in this difficult time the average looks good to us, because we are dealing with the worst, underlined the leader of VMRO-DPMNE.