Hristijan Mickoski, the leader of VMRO DPMNE, in a post on social networks, explains the robbery that is being carried out at the expense of Macedonia, the citizens of the country and ELEM, today’s ESM. 

ESM/ELEM issues a call for the sale of night surplus electricity for the period from August 13 to 19 from 2h to 7h in the total amount of 1750 MWh. The price at which these night surpluses were sold is 277.71/MWh! For the same period, the price of electricity according HUPX (reference exchange for determining the price of electricity in Macedonia) is €426.43/MWh or by days:

20/August 380 €/MWh

21/August €357/MWh

22/August 365 €/MWh

23/August 430 €/MWh

24/August €488/MWh

25/August 498 €/MWh

26/August €467/MWh

The price difference is: 1750 MWh x (€426.43-€277.71) = €260,260

Conclusion: Macedonia, the citizens and ELEM/ESM in just 35 hours have been damaged for about 16,000,000 denars and instead of the surpluses being offered to the economy that pays according to HUPX electricity and is fighting convulsively to survive and keep the workers, the money is stolen and ends up in private pockets.