VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski addressed Thursday Kumanovo citizens, where he pointed out that on May 5 the opportunity of finally putting an end to SDSM will open, and to politicians who have been lying and manipulating the citizens in Kumanovo for decades.

The day has come to put an end to the politicians who have been making promises but fulfilled none for decades, here in Kumanovo. An end to those politicians who lie and deceive all this time on the political scene in the Republic of Macedonia. May 5 is that day, and the same fervor is the same motivation, I see the same courage today in the eyes of the citizens, preparedness and determination on May 5 to put an end to Makso, to end Oliver, said Mickoski in Kumanovo.

He added that the Kumanovo people were disappointed by the Mayor of Kumanovo from SDSM Maksim Dimitrievski and Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski, because instead of working to provide better conditions, fulfilling the projects for which they were elected and solving the problems of all citizens in Kumanovo, they are blackmailing them to vote for Stevo Pendarovski, conditioning them that only then they pave them some streets, which is an underestimation of the people.