Hristijan Mickoski, the president of VMRO DPMNE, paid Wednesday a visit to Ohrid, where he said that on May 5 there will be a double victory, and the citizens of Ohrid will elect president and mayor.

I was in Ohrid, the city of history, where the desire for success is strong. The despot is on his knees, the government is delegitimized, we won the expensive hotel coalition, and a millimeter is needed for a final victory. Here are local and presidential elections, and Mitre Milosevski believes that he will fight for a beautiful Ohrid. A vote for Mitre is a vote for future, work and honesty. Mitre as a man who has been helping Ohrid people all his life, he is ready to continue doing this, but this time as a city father, because he has a plan, a vision and a program. I spent most of the day in this city, we walked from door to door, and I heard well what Ohrid needs, and I believe that Mitre is the right choice, and on May 5 we will have a double victory. Both for president, and for mayor. A vote for Gordana Siljanovska Davkova is a vote for justice for Macedonia. Ohrid must no longer sink into the despair, the way out is to vote for the future and justice. Therefore, let’s fight for a beautiful Ohrid and justice for Macedonia!, said Mickoski.