VMRO-DPMNE leader, Hristijan Mickoski, together Vlado Misajlovski, heading the list in the 2nd electoral district, visited Friday the municipality of Suto Orizari. During the visit, Mickoski told the citizens that the renewal of the Republic of Macedonia is coming on July 15 and said that with the renewal come 1000 new real measures and projects that will improve the lives of citizens.

I pledge that what we promise, we will fulfill for all the people of Suto Orizari. Let’s show that it could have been different and that these people who live here deserve it to be different, Misajlovski said.

Misajlovski added that the victory would be convincing if all citizens went to the polls and voted for the renewal of Macedonia.

Mickoski asked the citizens not to succumb to the pressure of the government.

I believe that it can be different here and I give you my word, you have my word that in the next four years we will really bring renewal not only here in Suto Orizari but everywhere in all of Macedonia where the Roma people live, Mickoski promised.

Mickoski reminded that the government has done nothing for the good of the Republic of Macedonia in the past three years. They promised all sorts of things,but brought only crime, poverty, racketeering.