It’s a nice day today in Sveti Nikole, it’s nice when you can see how the projects that were promised in the program during the campaign for the local elections in 2021 are being implemented, the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, said Tuesday during his visit to Sveti Nikole.

The mayor of Sveti Nikole, Dejan continues to implement what was promised and I think we are in a great phase with a large percentage of what has been implemented, maybe more than 70 percent of what was promised. Congratulations to him, the team and the administration, to the municipal council for such brave, motivated work and fulfillment of what was promised, bearing in mind that we are facing a government that, where their mayoral candidates lost disastrously, behave violently, boycotts them, hinders the development of those municipalities where there are VMRO-DPMNE mayors. But in a short time, it will also be over and we will be able to show, as is said in the last years of the mayors’ mandate, how much could and was not done by their predecessors, SDSM mayors, but also by the DUI government supported by SDSM in the past period, Mickoski said.