On the “Sto ne e jasno” show VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski was asked to comment on Spasovski seeking the dismissal of Labor and Social Policy Minister Rasela Mizrahi, to which he said that Spasovski had neither legitimacy nor credibility to refer to the Constitution, because during his term as minister the very same Constitution and the laws were violated.

The only one he should call for responsibility at the moment is himself, because he was practically a minister and deputy prime minister in a government where we have a pardoned politician and yesterday we heard clearly how that politician’s head, the octopus in the “Racket “case, was defined and, nothing, today the topic that is very important is not mentioned at all. We saw and heard the “Octopus” head advising one of the suspects in that case, we see how the then prime minister knew about the retirement homes and the International Association, we have the “Racket” case, there are defendants, an indictment, and no one today summons the man who talks about it, who acknowledges to directly corrupting a medium through marketing services, and today no one in the prosecution minded to summon him and we are talking about justice, said Mickoski.