Before the end of February, after the escape of Saso Mijalkov, the leader of VMRO DPMNE, said that the agreed escape was the last straw of patience and undignified life of the citizens, so he said it was time for a technical government.

The resignation of the entire government and the formation of an expert government is needed, Mickoski said at the time.

It is important to form a technical government that will prepare the ground for fair elections. Let’s elect a government of honor, which will ensure what these mobsters cannot, and that is a dignified life, said Mickoski.

On that occasion, he stressed that while the Ministry of Interior issues fines to the people and every morning they brag about how many fines they issued for not wearing face masks, while the real criminals and mobsters walk freely.

The formation of a technical government is the proposal that now, after ten days, Zoran Zaev accepts as an option.