The leader of VMRO-DPMNE met Friday with the residents of Krivolak.

He informed about the meeting on Facebook, after which he concluded that people are disappointed and furious about everything that is happening in the country.

As the main reasons for people’s disappointment, Mickoski pointed out the lack of rule of law, disregard of the law, and poverty.

I visited Krivolak. People are disappointed, people are furious about everything that is happening in the state. We have no rule of law. Thousands of people a year leave the country because they see no future. The Zaevism has ruined the state in every way. Laws are disregarded, the criminal arbitrariness of the power-holders suffocates every hope for progress, we have criminals who occupy the institutions and institutions that serve these criminals. The government loses control, orders verdicts, conducts persecution against patriots, wanting to cover its incompetence. It orders and enforces sentences that are not a product of justice but a consequence of persecution. They lose control. Not a thing has been done to improve life in Krivolak, as elsewhere in the country. Poverty is multiplied, sadly one resident told me ‘we are hungry and poor, we are fighting for survival. That’s why we now have a unique chance to defeat all this and because the people need their homeland, and Gordana Siljanovska Davkova’s victory for president will be a victory for the people. The triumph of the struggle for justice and rule of law, Mickoski wrote on Facebook.