By uniting and reaching out to everyone who puts Macedonia first, VMRO-DPMNE will fight the betrayals and the painful reality, the party’s leader Hristijan Mickoski said in his speech marking the Day of the Republic in the Struga village of Tasmarunista, where key battles took place during the Ilinden Uprising.

Epic is our hundred-year struggle for freedom in which there were failures, but also victories, a rare bloody drama, it began with suffering, bitterness, tremors and the smell of gunpowder that equally followed our longing for freedom and belief in ideals, he said.

Mickoski said that what is happening to Macedonia today is a historical déjà vu of all the aspirations of some of the neighbors who, in many different forms, have followed us as a curse throughout the centuries. It’s not an issue that they attack, but the pain is that Macedonia is sold out from the inside, he added.

And here we don’t have any ideological clash, but there is a mathematical calculation of the ruling elite that keeps the power through the trade with the most expensive. Power for me is a responsibility to lead, power for this current elite is to steal our Macedonia. And that’s why in these five years this government is the most devastating atomic disaster that has set Macedonia back decades in not only  economic but also political context, causing damage to our strategic positions that will require new decades of joint battle to recover, Mickoski stressed.

Let’s get the energy back, let’s get Macedonia back. Let’s recover what was lost and create a future. And all this is possible. As the Ilinden people did not give up, emphasized Mickoski.