The message from SDSM Secretary General Ljupco Nikolovski actually comes from Zoran Zaev, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski as the two ruling parties, SDSM and DUI, seemed on the verge of breaking up their coalition yesterday evening.

Mickoski said that SDSM leader Zaev is clearly afraid of the coming elections and the prospect of facing serious investiations into the numerous criminal scandals he is involved in. SDSM is postponing the dissolution of Parliament and demands that it adopts a new law on state prosecutors that would protect Zaev, and Nikolovski posted a public Facebook comment threatening DUI that they will be removed from the ruling coalition if they don’t support the law.

I think that this Facebook comment is written by the party leader, the pardoned Zoran Zaev, who was recently revealed as involved in the abuse of power. It shows that the fear is real and growing. There is a clear intent from Zoran Zaev to postpone the elections, Mickoski said during his Alfa TV interview.