The president of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, paid Sunday a visit to Ljubanci, where a new sports playground was put into use.

Asked about his position regarding the fact that SDSM and DUI say that the Framework Agreement will ensure prosperity in the country, Mickoski said that the Framework Agreement has no use when young people, regardless of whether they are Macedonians or Albanians, leave Macedonia because they see no prospects due to this criminal and corrupt regime.

It is a fact that both in Ljuboten and here in Ljubanci, young people are leaving. Why are they leaving? Because, unfortunately, they see hopelessness because of this criminal and corrupt regime, regardless of the fact that there are Albanians in Ljuboten and Macedonians in Ljubanci. Young people are leaving and we are lucky that we have such ambitious mayors and people in politics, young and honest, who want to work and want to enable and leave something behind to keep those people here. But if we leave it to these people from DUI and SDSM, the Framework Agreement will have no use when the villages are emptied, i.e. the fact that the villages are being emptied is already old news, now the cities are also being emptied. Gostivar from 84,000 to 59,000 and that’s according to the census as it was. Tetovo has no drinking water, Aracinovo has no sewerage and now they sit and spend 70-100 thousand euros for some parties there. Shocking, what can I tell you, Mickoski pointed out.