VMRO-DPMNE President and Prime Minister – elect Hristijan Mickoski announced this evening the members of the next Government.

Aleksandar Nikoloski will be named Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Transportation. Vladimir Misajlovski will lead the Department of Defense. Gordana Dimitrioska Kocoska is nominated as Finance Minister. Timco Mucunski will be in charge of the diplomacy as the next Foreign Minister. Pance Toskovski will be nominated as Interior Minister.

Stefan Andonovski is proposed to lead the process of digitalization of the country. Sanja Bozinovska will lead the newly formed Energy and Mining Department. Cvetan Tripunovski will be in charge of the Agriculture Ministry. Borko Ristovski will lead another newly formed department – the Ministry of Sports.

Zoran Ljutkov is nominated to be in charge of the Culture and Tourism Ministry. Vesna Janevska is proposed as Education Minister, and Zlatko Perinski as the next Local Administration Minister.

From the VMRO-DPMNE coalition partners, Ljupco Dimovski, leader of the Socialist Party, will be proposed as head of the deparment for Political System. Ivan Stoiljkovic from the Democratic Party of Serbs in Macedonia is the nominee for a Minister in charge of relations between ethnic communities. Shaban Saliy, head of the Democratic Strength of the Roma party, will be a Minister in charge of implementing the Decade of Roma inclusion.

The list of the candidates will be submitted to Parliament on Tuesday, and the legislative body will prepare to hold discussions and put it to a vote.