The state is ashamed, many processes will be revised in the future, the passport affair is a great shame and irreparable damage to Macedonia, the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski said Thursday on TV Alfa’s “Zaspij ako mozes” show.

This is a great shame and irreparable damage to Macedonia. Not only are they incompetent and have ties to criminals but also the whole public laughs at them. Why these people do not have such passports from Albania or Croatia, Serbia or Bulgaria. What wrong has the Macedonian people done to them to inflict such evil on it. We are in the midst of the biggest affair in the last 10 years. Where is the Minister of Corruption Nikolovski, to come out and state his position. They will see what an uncompromising fight against crime mean when they will be removed from power, said Mickoski.