Opposition leader Hristijan Mickoski in an interview with Deutsche Welle says that Macedonia has been stagnant for four years.

Regarding his meetings in Europe, he said that although his party VMRO-DPMNE is in opposition, all available potential should be used to put pressure and move forward on the EU path.

We have two options – either to suffocate in domestic accusations about who is spreading fake news and who is telling the truth, and to carry out an operation that will try to cover up the annex to the Agreement that Bulgaria is publicly talking about, and we see that the government in Macedonia prays to God that the public doesn’t find out. And in the meantime, they also want to cancel history class as a stand-alone class in education, because in that way they want to court the side that demands much more than that, and still turn in a circle and sink deeper into the swamp of  the government. Or, the second option is not to wait, to knock on the doors we can open, and to ask for support for what is a common strategic goal, and that is to unblock the EU path. At the same time, we must be aware that as a country we are seriously lagging behind in many reforms. For four years the power is in the hands of Zaev, and for four years we have been stagnant, while the region and the world have achievements and progress. There is no time to lose, says Mickoski told DW.

He explains that besides EU, the meetings will also focus on economic potentials, especially during the covid crisis.