VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski informed Thursday that that he visited the village of Neraste together with the MP Aleksandar Veljanovski to express condolences and talk to the sons of a woman who was one of the 14 victims in the fire at the Tetovo the modular hospital on September 8. He said that there must be responsibility and, as he said, to find the real culprits.

We visited the family of one of the victims, people are still reliving the horror that happened that day. I talked to the two sons of the mother who is a victim in the fire. They shared some part of what they survived and I can really express my deepest condolences because what I heard is really tragic and painful. What we as VMRO-DPMNE can promise and I as a person is that sooner or later we will push this matter to the end. The culprits for this must be assume responsibility, whether it is functional or moral. In Macedonia, fires happen too often, defeats happen too often, which now cost human lives. If no responsibility is borne now if there is no guilt and resignations at least of those who are competent in this case, and that is the Minister of Health, if we do not have an independent investigation that will answer many questions that I have publicly asked. How can the facility not have fire protection system, why there is no oxygen measurement, how can there be no permit for use, and the facility to be in use and many other questions that I asked and for which there is no answer, said Mickoski.