The leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, in an interview with Sitel TV, referring to the war threats made by a DUI member, said that this party lives in the past and instead of reformed green policies they use such rhetoric, while SDSM and Zaev did not even condemn such threats, and their party statements are full of insults against VMRO-DPMNE and him personally.

I would not comment on this type of threats at all, except to read them with appalment and forget them. I especially would not like to comment on her because she is a lady and comes from the opposite sex, having in mind that I am a man who respects women, and I consider myself a person who does not react pleasantly to this type of threats, ie they create the opposite reaction, so I would not like to comment on something that takes us back to the past, these are people who are stuck in the past, such were the messages from the campaign, criticized Mickoski.

He says that he expected from this reformed party with a green agenda to hear about green policies, not phrases as “not to allow a Macedonian to be mayor”, “we are fighting against VMRO-DPMNE in Tetovo and Gostivar”, including a call to DUI supporters for some kind of war, and Macedonia is a member of NATO and such messages are not appropriate at all, says Mickoski.

I did not hear them from SDSM to condemn this statement, and today as far as I could read Ali Ahmeti condemned it, and I did not hear anything from Zaev and SDSM. Their statements are full of anger and insults towards me and VMRO-DPMNE. I guess that policy is like that, and that’s why they were defeated twice in this election, Mickoski said.