Bujar Osmani to say whether Zakharieva asked the country for a new agreement for constitutional changes that will redefine our nation, I will never accept that, the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski asked late Tuesday.

What Bulgaria wants was promised by Zaev even before the 2016 elections. This promise now endangers our chances for a European perspective and created a problem that can’t be ignored. I will reveal an exclusive report. Let’s ask Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani, is it true that his counterpart ask him to practically sign a new treaty, similar to the Prespa treaty, that will include constitutional amendments that will define the existence of the Macedonian nation as something that began in 1945, and that we were something else before 1945. Is this true, that this is the current condition before we continue our accession talks?, Mickoski said.

Osmani answered the question from Mickoski today, but did not say the most important thing. On the contrary, his answer raises even more questions.

Regarding the relations with Bulgaria and my visit, I would like to emphasize: there is no new Agreement, but there is a strengthening of mutual communication at several levels. We openly discuss all issues arising from the Friendship Agreement, we take all steps to ensure the Commissions a smooth work, for which we sent a public thank you for their result so far, as well as encouragement to intensify their work. In fact, the Joint Expert Commission will hold a meeting in Skopje Thursday and Friday, which will be another step towards fulfilling the obligations of the agreement, said the Foreign Minister.

Zaev, together with Osmani, should directly tell the people what he discusses, negotiates and trades with Bulgaria. On what topics will the communication and negotiation be strengthened and what thing that belongs to us is on the table?