I welcome the initiative to mark the International Mother Language Day, which in these current events is gaining a different and greater importance, especially due to the need to protect our Macedonian language, but also due to the fact that this year marks 100 years since the birth of the great Blaze Koneski which is one of the strongest foundations and guardians of the hearth of our literary language, Hristijan Mickoski, VMRO-DPMNE leader.

Our language is attacked, because the identity is attacked. And all we have to do is listen to what the wise people said, what Koneski wrote, Mickoski said.

And we, of course, should always react to the spread of untruths and acquaint the world with historical realities. However, the most effective reaction will be our respect for our own tradition and our own achievements in the field of language. We do not have the comfort to allow ourselves to be frivolous in that regard. Nor divisions. We do not even have the comfort to allow a Government that will sell cheaply what has been acquired at a high price. With lives, blood and suffering. As long as we keep it, nurture it, guard it, see our Macedonian language – we will be able to think that we have the homeland as well. As a house, as a home, as a hearth. And this hearth is for everyone, and believe me there is a place for everyone, he said in his speech at today’s event at which VMRO-DPMNE marked the Mother Language Day and 100 years since the birth of Blaze Koneski.