VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski strongly condemned the refusal of SDSM to accept the declaration VMRO proposed to the Parliament, meant to safeguard the historic legacy of Goce Delcev.

We celebrated 150 years since the birth of the greatest Macedonian son, and Pendarovski or Kovacevski did not dare utter that Gjorgji Delcev was a Macedonian. Historian Gjorgiev, who co-chairs the joint commission on historic issues, claims that Bulgaria was not a fascist occupier during the Second World War. SDSM refuse to support our declaration in Parliament. They say that Delcev’s legacy is an established fact, but Kovacevski and Pendarovski are afraid to whisper that fact, let alone say tha Delcev was a Macedonian, Mickoski said in a Facebook post.

The opposition leader accuses the Government of trying to bribe the public with its own money, through the increase in the minimum wage, to distract them from the crumbling of the Macedonian negotiating positions with Bulgaria. “They think that their treason will be covered up by giving money to the citizens, who they plunder every day”, Mickoski added.