Politicians should be a mirror of the people. They should be people with virtue, honor, ready to lead and fight for their own people, said Hristijan Mickoski at Saturday’s rally in Veles.

People whose keep their promises, and who know what they are saying and doing. These should not be people that the people is ashamed of, they should not be people who will make gaffes every day and everyone and the whole world will laugh and make fun of them, people that you are ashamed of, says Mickoski.

President Mickoski added that the current mayor has implemented only one project and that is cleaning the parking lot in Veles, so that, as he said, the government can can park its Bentley and Maybach vehicles.

Finally, after four years, at the very end of the mandate, the mayor of Veles told me that he had realized at least one project. When he was here at Zaev’s rally in Veles, he expressly cleaned the parking lot, which had been neglected for years and has a illegal landfill. And we found out why, so that the entourage from the government could park their Bentley and Maybach vehicles. That Bentley and Maybach are worth as much as tobacco and grapes this year, he said.