My dear people of Prilep, we have been through an extremely difficult year together. We faced all the shortcomings and carelessness of the previous administration, but also the consequences of the economic and energy crisis as a continuation of the healthcare chaos. However, with dedication, love, understanding and honest work, we did a lot and together we returned Prilep to the track of urban living. Prilep is no longer a city of grayness and hopelessness, the mayor of Prilep Municipality, Borce Jovceski, said in his address in the “Changes in Action” campaign organized by VMRO-DPMNE.

Jovceski pointed out that with good management and housekeeping, almost half of the total 300 million denars of inherited obligations have been paid, and he is paving the way to fulfilling the promises made.

We reconstructed and repaired a large part of the streets. More than 6,000 square meters of waste from illegal landfills have been cleaned and the park areas have been restored, we have restored the fountains. We completed the vital water supply project of the city with honest work, and I am especially proud that we improved the working conditions in all schools in Prilep, he said.

Jovceski emphasized that it does not stop there and for the next year even more is planned.

In the budget that was planned together, we mostly devoted ourselves to infrastructure. Almost 2 million euros for the rehabilitation of Prilep’s streets as well as for the construction of two roundabouts, an undertaking worth 1.5 million euros, which will significantly improve traffic in the city. Here is your request for more underground containers, for which we allocated 6 million denars, a project resulting from the action for joint creation of the Prilep budget. I am grateful for your trust. Together we will do a lot for our Prilep. For the future of Prilep, said Jovceski.

The president of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski, pointed out that this year Prilep will start with the rehabilitation of the entrance to the city via Makedonski Brod, a capital project worth almost 2.5 million euros, Prilep is changing and living the changes.

Prilep showed that changes are possible. Every single day, every single change means a new victory of hope, victory of honesty and victory of the citizens, against apathy and hopelessness. We stood behind every promise, and it will continue to be so with the projects that improve life in Prilep, and the people of Prilep live the changes in action, said Mickoski.