VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski discussed ways to clean up air pollution in Skopje and lower the spiking energy bills during his meeting with supporters in Gazi Baba yesterday. Mickoski said that the future VMRO led Government will ensure free access to the developing natural gas network for half of all households, while rejuvenating the REK Bitola and REK Oslomej coal plants.

In our concept Macedonia for all, we offer a strategy to increase electricity production by 60 percent, and we will extend the lifeline of both power plants until 2040. This is contrary to what Zoran Zaev is offering. Only with higher production we will ensure lower household bills, Mickoski said.

Electricity prices went up by a quarter under Zaev, whose only development plan at the moment is to divert Macedonian fundss toward building gas infrastructure in Greece. Professor Konstantin Dimitrov, who joined Mickoski, said that with the 300 million EUR Zaev is giving to Greece, Macedonia can build three small gas plants at home.

One such plant in Tetovo can put an end to the air pollution problem there. It is important that these plants are built by Macedonian companies, so that we generate jobs here, Dimitrov said.