During his rally in the Skopje Aerodrom district, opposition leader Hristijan Mickoski accused Zoran Zaev of undermining the Macedonian national identity, with his policy of concessions on matters of top national importance.

Zoran Zaev told us he is protecting our identity. Ironclad protection, he calls it. And yet, he stood in front of the Government building, with his new friend, and was too ashamed to allow that the national anthem is played. He is ashamed to tell us, in front of his new friend, what is the name of the language spoken by the Macedonians, what songs we sing, he lied that there was no tiem for the anthem. Under Zoran Zaev, the Macedonian identity is toppling like a house of cards. All he does is just for the money, Mickoski told the VMRO supporters in Aerodrom.

In response, the VMRO-DPMNE leader urged the people of Aerodrom to vote for the opposition presidential candidate Gordana Siljanovska – Davkova, to make her the first woman President of Macedonia.