VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski said that the party is prepared to reveal additional information about the series of racketeering scandals engulfing the Zaev Government if the judicial institutions, primarily the state prosecutors, don’t do their job or try to cover up for Zaev.

This is the second chance for the prosecutors. We saw how ingloriously the Special Prosecutor’s Office used its first chance. Now we have a second chance to see how the prosecutors tackle the political elite. There are a number of scandals Racket, Racket 2.. Let’s see if there is any will to restore the rule of law. From what we’ve seen, we are far from seeing a fair and transparent investigation. We are following the developments closely, from the inside and the outside. We are giving the process a chance to bring the culprits before the face of justice, Mickoski said.

If the prosecutors fail to do so, Mickoski added, VMRO-DPMNE will g public with the information it has about the racketeering scandals.

In September, Mickoski revealed that the party has sworn testimonies the people involved in the racketeering scandals gave to the organized crimes unit. These testimonies, Mickoski added, contain the names of the politicians from the ruling SDSM party who were involved in the extortion of millions of euros from businessmen. Mickoski said that if the prosecutors try to cover up for the politicians, the transcripts will be made public.