Answering reporters’ questions, the President of VMRO-DPMNE noted that during the meeting with the delegation of the Austrian National Council, led by the President of the Council, Wolfgang Sobotka they discussed the adoption of the Law on Public Prosecutor’s Office. Mickoski said that Sobotka was surprised that the government had not informed Sobotka how the PPO law was adopted, ie by repeated voting outside of all rules and procedures.

We discussed the law and we also briefed him on the method of adopting the Law on Public Prosecutor’s Office. He was visibly surprised by what he was hearing, and we are also informing other diplomats about the situation in the country with the judiciary and the prosecution, how democracy in Macedonia is being trampled and burned. So it is up to us to fight for the values that we have fought for all these years since VMRO-DPMNE’s existence to fight for the values of the VMRO organization that has existed for a long time and convey the reality objectively, said Mickoski.