VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski leader presented the party’s program for the upcoming local elections in Gazi Baba, whose policies envisage free access to the developing natural gas network for half of all households.

The highest percentage of air pollution comes from the heating system of our homes, by changing the system or using the gas that will be provided by the future municipal and city government, each household will have the opportunity to choose free gas connection. The four-year term plan is at least 50% of the households to have access to free gas connection and thus to change the heating system of the households, and thus to have cleaner air, and thus to have healthier fellow citizens, emphasized Mickoski.

Mickoski pointed out that this policy, which is part of the “Macedonia for all” concept, is aimed at providing cleaner air for all citizens and a healthy environment, by changing the heating system in households, and pointed out that cleaner air did not come with the “life” and the promises of the mayors from the government, but VMRO-DPMNE with a new methodology and policies will provide it for all citizens.