What we did, what is happening today, and what we will do in the period that follows because a new generation of politicians in Macedonia, a new generation of politicians in VMRO-DPMNE is honored, obliged, and privileged to defend the smallest nation in the Balkans, and that is the Macedonian people. And that may be a big challenge, but I am convinced that we can all respond to that challenge as we know and know how, firmly, courageously, and motivated, and defend the Macedonian people, said Hristijan Mickoski at today’s Scientific Symposium 129 years VMRO “FIGHT FOR MACEDONIA THAT LASTS” organized by VMRO-DPMNE.

Mickoski stressed that the citizens expect VMRO-DPMNE as the successor of the organization to take all steps to ensure the future of the citizens, despite the fact that there is opposition at the central level, stressing that this requires a social contract, which he spoke about at the Congress last year.

He said that the future is what we all have to fight for, to ensure the future of the generations that will come after us, and for that, as he said, a great social agreement is needed.

That agreement, as he said, means the unification and opening of VMRO-DPMNE to social elites, different structures of people, young people, the elderly, professors, workers, lawyers, and medical workers, all those who have not yet given their last word in the public world.

As a part of that social agreement was also that modern patriotism about which we talked a lot in the past period. Modern patriotism that projected Macedonia for years and decades from today, in different areas. Modern patriotism in the fight against crime and corruption, modern patriotism that implies a stronger and more competitive economy, modern patriotism how to keep young people in the state, modern patriotism about trends in energy, and healthcare, modern patriotism at the local level, modern patriotism which will mean a future within the EU, modern patriotism which will mean good interpersonal and good neighborly relations, between the citizens in Macedonia and then more widely with our neighbors.

Mickoski stated that the Macedonian people can be protected only through honest work and dedication, not with methods from the 18th or 19th century, as well as not allowing politicians like these to repeat themselves in the past 5 years.

Mickoski emphasized that it is not European values that were promoted by the SDSM government today, but European values are what is being promoted by VMRO-DPMNE, which is to keep the youth in the country, to develop Macedonia economically strong and stable, and create competitive healthcare.

Mickoski added that the main pillar of the policies of the future VMRO-DPMNE government is stimulating the educational staff, capital projects, and a strong economy.