I am a man that speaks frankly and openly and I name the things for what they are. We have a Government in a dissolution, with total anarchy in the institutions. A PM who signs his resignation in the morning, assigns tenders in the afternoon, and saves Macedonia by taking it into the EU at the evening, said the leader of VMRO-DPMNE on Wednesday in Delcevo.

“Even the members of his own party don’t consider him as a serious factor, since they don’t know who is really leading the party, him or Ali Ahmeti. And DUI doesn’t only own their PM, but also their President Stevo Pendarovski. Such is the policy of this ruling party. We have a PM and a President who exist just to fulfil all DUI’s wishes in order to stay in their offices as long as it is possible

The common patriotism, Mickoski continued, is the hope and dream of a state that will provide for equal oppotunitiesf0r everyone to develop according to their qualifications and capacities

“The common patriotism breaks the walls of hatred and divisions. leaves behind us all those issues that tormented us for full 32 years of our independence, through which we only experienced pain and suffering. The common patriotism is the struggle for a better life, for institutions that exist for everyone, a system that offers a chance to everyone. A state that offers protection to everyone”, Mickoski said.