VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski told Jegunovce villagers on Monday that Project Renewal would come after July 15, the 360-page programme created together with the people of Macedonia, taking into account their problems and needs.

We are committed to at least 25-percent increase of minimum salaries and pensions, 1,000 km of rehabilitated roads, at least EUR 640 million in agriculture subsidies. We are committed to 1,000 policies and measures, for you, said Mickoski.

He added that the national betrayal of the incumbent authorities would not be forgotten.

They promised a lot in 2016 but did nothing. We have a plan, unlike these political frauds, noted Mickoski.

The time when politicians are privileged is over. The time when politicians are privileged elite and their families is over. Politicians should be down here with the people and this will be the first lesson that the future MPs from the Coalition “For the Renewal of Macedonia” will receive on July 16, together with the book called “Project – Renewal”. It will be the first lesson they need to know. There are no more office politicians, but they will be together with the people to learn, and they will have to implement what they will learn from the people, Mickoski stressed.